We understand that your employees need your help in understanding their benefits package. We help you conduct Employee Meetings and Open Enrollment Meetings and we prepare Benefits Brochures and Open Enrollment Notices to educate your employees, and help them understand their specific plans.

Employee Meetings

Our firm will provide a presentation tailored to your company's benefit package. This meeting will educate employees on how their specific plans work. We also provide these meetings for clients during the annual Open Enrollment. We can also post your company's presentation to our website for employees to access from any location. Please see our example presentation .

Benefits Brochure

We provide our clients with a "Benefits at a Glance" brochure that has been tailored to your company's benefit package. This general benefits review is great for both new and prospective employees. You will be able to provide a neat and concise summary of all plans without a lot of paperwork. Also, these brochures are available in electronic format, and are posted to our website for employees to download. Please check out our sample benefits brochure..

Open Enrollment Notices

Open Enrollment time can be very confusing to employees. In addition to our Presentation, we will create an Open Enrollment Notice to notify your employees of the upcoming changes and guidelines of Open Enrollment. The notice will also include a selection form for employees to return to Human Resources with their choice. These notices are posted on our website in your personalized webpage for employees to download. Please see our example open enrollment notice.